Updated May 2023

Our team at Bluebell will continue to take several precautions including being up-to-date on vaccinations and at your request – wearing masks to protect you, our patients, visitors and staff from Covid-19.  All of our staff, including our support staff are fully vaccinated with boosters completed as well as our families.
We highly recommend our patients to continue wearing masks in our clinic however it is optional for patients.

Our preferred methods of payment are debit and e-transfer to hello@bluebellhealth.ca.  We also accept cash but do not prefer it.  We no longer accept credit cards.  Thank you.

Precautions to take
• Patients and people attending with patients must wash hands upon entry to facility.  The washroom is on the left of the entrance as you enter our clinic.
• Work/service areas are sanitized after each patient.  As always Linens are new after each patient.
• Rooms are sanitized after each patient.
• We have a reception living room with Netflix.   Children and adults are now welcome to wait in the reception area.

We work very hard for your experience at Bluebell to be stress-free.  When you walk-in we’ll be there to help you navigate these changes.  Thank you everyone for staying and booking with us.  We truly appreciate it.